London, United Kingdom. Britain is leaving the EU in it’s Brexit attempt, now it must come to terms with massive unrest over unchecked absorption of migrants from middle eastern nations that are lost in the UK and provoking calls for urgent curbs in further immigration schemes.


A British pro-Brexit group supported by a number of Conservative members of parliament, has called for UK migration to be cut to 50,000 a year by barring all non-skilled workers and linking visas for new arrivals to a yearly salary minimum of £35,000.


The proposal from Leave Means Leave, whose Tory backers include Owen Paterson, Dominic Raab, John Whittingdale and Gerald Hogwarth,follows a series of comments from ministers complaining the Brexit might not significantly cut immigration.


Brexit secretary David Davis, has said immigration levels could still rise after Britain leaves the EU, while UK leader Theresa May used an interview on the day article 50 was triggered to say she could not guarantee it would be “significantly lower.”


Norman Lamb a former UK government official offered his views,“Migrant workers contribute to our economy and to British culture – we should be welcoming them in the traditional spirit of British tolerance. Leave means Leave clearly don’t understand why British business relies on migrant workers.”


The Liberal Democrat former health minister, said: “Our NHS, which is already undergoing great strain, would collapse without the hard work of the tens of thousands of migrants who work in it. We should be celebrating their work, not plotting new ways to make it harder for them to come here.”


Lamb further outlined his concerns,“A crackdown on immigration would mean fewer doctors and nurses in our hospitals, a crisis in general practice, and fewer staff in the care homes looking after our ageing population. With the NHS already facing a shortfall of 42,000 nurses, and record numbers of GP practices shutting down, a migration crackdown is the last thing we need.”


Regardless of pro or anti migrant, the UK seems to be making the case that such people are needed in the United Kingdom to do jobs their citizens refuse.




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