Washington, DC. Yet another trusted adviser of President Donald Trump has been removed from the National Security Council, a group that provides essential advice to the President in matters of life and death for America’s military forces.


President Donald Trump’s National Security Council has even fewer familiar faces following the third forced resignation in less than four months. Deputy national security adviser KT McFarland has been asked to step down and will become US ambassador to Singapore according to informed sources.


Another trusted Trump associate Stephen Bannon, Mr Trump’s chief strategist who appointed himself as a permanent member of the council, was removed from the council just days ago. Concerns among members in Congress and the public about executive stability are starting to be raised, as America attacked Syria and now has a Naval task force headed to Korea presently.


Reports circulated that Mr Bannon, was being pushed out after failing to implement his two key proposals, the Muslim travel ban and the failure of the Obamacare replacement plan. He has also reportedly experienced a widening rift with Mr Trump’s trusted son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner.


The rift between Kushner is viewed as a difference in worldviews, as Kushner is a Neocon and former Democratic operative and Bannon is a conservative Republican who had wanted Trump to concentrate on a domestic agenda, rather than increasing US military involement abroad.


The loss of McFarland is underscoring concerns the Trump administration is in chaos rather than a state of clarity, deepening worries military actions are being taken to defelect focus from a lack of leadership at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.




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