Munich, Germany. While the EU has enlisted help from Turkey and other Balkan neighbors in closing the southern route of migrants flooding Europe, Germany is noticing it is being flooded from an unlikely source with new refugees daily-Switzerland.


Large number of immigrants are entering Germany illegally via Switzerland and appear to have tripled in the first two months of this year compared to 2016, stretching German resources to the breaking point and having a shock effect on Germany’s political stability.


This year so far, including January and February 2017, the German federal police responsible for border control reported a total of 1,350 unauthorized entries, against 402 in the first two months of the previous year.


With the Balkan route still closed, refugees and migrants are now trying to get to Germany from Libya, crossing the Mediterranean to arrive in Italy and traveling from there to Switzerland. By March 2017, the number of migrants using the Mediterranean route rose by 70.2 percent, according to a letter from Germany’s interior ministry to parliament.


The influx of people entering Germany from Switzerland puts pressure on the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany. Meanwhile the rush to invade Europe and escape Middle Eastern conflicts exacerbated by American “peace” efforts continues.




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