Glasgow, Scotland. As the United Kingdom rushes to Brexit the EU and deals with Scotland’s renewed interest in independence, European Union officials are now involved in trying to lure the Scottish leaders into considering the EU as their next “partner” in a post UK Schexit world.


The EU has had 50 politicians from across Europe have sign a letter stating that an independent Scotland would be “most welcome” as a full member of the European Union. In the letter to Holyrood’s Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh and MSPs, the signatories pledge their support in ensuring the transition to EU membership is “as swift, smooth, and orderly as possible”.


Europe’s invitation to Scotland stated: “Democracy and mutual respect are at the heart of the European project and so, whilst we are saddened by the vote of a small majority for the United Kingdom to leave the EU, we respect this as a democratic decision of UK citizens.


“We recognise that this was not your choice however and that Scotland voted strongly to remain within the EU. The question of Scotland’s constitutional future, and your relationships with the UK and the EU are for the people of Scotland to decide. It is not our place to tell Scotland what path you should take”


European political experts point out the contradiction of telling the people Europe can not advise them, yet still trying to lure them in the next breath. It remains to be seen if Scotland will even have a second vote on independence, as the UK is requesting it be put off due to their own exit from the EU currently.




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