Beijing, China. US President Donald Trump recently held talks with the Chinese Premier Xi Jinping in Florida, besides missile striking Syria in front of the Chinese, Trump held back a real fear America has of the Chinese and it’s not their military, but the debt China holds over America like a sword ready to fall at a moments notice.


Trump’s Florida visit with the Chinese Premier was more than just steak dinners and talk of US aggression worldwide, a real sweat under Trump’s hat was America’s debt and how badly China could damage America, if they choose to do so.The US owes China more than $1 trillion and could send America’s economy into a tailspin by sanctioning a dumping of US Treasury bonds.


The problem with nuclear missiles is they are never really intended to be fired, and if they are, there are no winners according to Trump, a student of gambling as policy. Sure, China could cause enormous damage to the US, but only by damaging itself, is how he sees the relationship.


Indeed, the US-China relationship is a classic example of tunnel vision by a President skilled in business, but not in diplomacy. Trump thinks if you owe the bank a thousand dollars, you have a problem; if you owe the bank a trillion dollars, the bank has a problem. Trump simply does not understand that in todays world, China is pulling away from the USA towards a BRICS future, and flushing America financially, may well be part of the Chinese-Russian strategy to neutralize an out of control bully worldwide


Beijing is no longer guessing about what it will actually take to stop Trump from invading and resource raping even more nations. The answer is that it will probably require China to not launch nuclear weapons, but to simply issue a sell order on US bonds and topple the US economy in an afternoon’s work.


There will be less talk in the months ahead of China “raping” the US, but that simply means the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has a quiet secret and fear of money, not nuclear fallout.




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