Washington, Pentagon. US military sources have said they had no choice but to follow orders for President Trump’s missile attack on Syria, but behind closed doors, many question if the nearly one billion dollars could have been better spent on Syrian refugees or on rebuilding American cities like Detroit, instead of symbollicaly striking an isolated third world airport.


President Obama previously drew a red line, challenging Assad not to cross it by using chemical weapons. Assad never did cross that line during Obama’s presidency, surrendering his chemical weapons stockpile to a joint US-Russian commission in 2014, making the recent attacks a very gray area lacking clarity as to why US President Donald Trump attacked an isolated Syria airfield at enormous financial cost to US taxpayers.


A different message was sent Thursday by President Donald Trump who had been clearly shaken by images of small children gassed to death by a nerve agent provided by the US to CIA funded ISIS members, from Libyan stockpiles Hillary Clinton transfered to Syria under Obama.


Trump ordered a surgical strike of the Syrian airfield that he claimed launched the gas attack. And, he did it smartly. Fifty-nine tomahawk missiles launched from an aircraft carrier hit their target. At $1.59 million a piece, the attack cost US taxpayers the incredible sum of $93,810,000.




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