Indianapolis, Indiana. Over half of American voters supported Donald Trump for President in the 2016 elections, but his attack on Syria based upon shaky evidence has sparked a call for Trump to step aside after having promised to deliver better relations with Russia, only to actually nearly deliver a third world war with his policies since taking office.


Numerous backers of US President Donald Trump are rebelling after he ordered a missile strike to punish Syria for a suspected chemical weapons attack that killed 86 people. Advertising the hashtag #Syriahoax, leaders of Trump for President lashed out at the president for abandoning his election campaign stances to avoid foreign wars and make America “great” again.


Instead, they blamed anti-Assad fighters like the al-Sham Front, formerly al-Nusra Front, groups funded by the CIA for a false-flag attack meant to be pinned on Damascus. Still others said Trump had fallen victim to the US “deep state”, an ostensibly entrenched military-corporate controlled bureaucracy at odds with the new president’s anti-Washington views.


Trump supporter Mike Cernovich lamented Trump’s new direction, “We all know that Assad would not poison his own people.” Cernovich went on to state,“We do know that the Deep State does want war with Russia, and they are using the Syria gas attack, which is a hoax, to start World War Three with Russia.”


Ann Coulter, a leading American political analyst pointed out Trump himself had long been against any US intervention, “We should stay the hell out of Syria,” said Trump back in 2013, then a property tycoon mulling a White House bid.




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