A man detained in Stockholm on suspicion of having carried out the Friday truck attack was a supporter of Daesh (IS, also known as Daesh) terrorist group media report.



The 39-year-old man, an Uzbek national living in Sweden, was detained in Stockholm’s suburb Marsta on Friday evening, the Aftonbladet daily said. The man had reportedly posted Daesh propaganda on his Facebook page, but his friend told Aftonbladet that the suspect had not been interested in politics or religion and only talked about earning money for his family.
On Friday afternoon, a stolen truck rammed into a crowd on a major pedestrian street in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. At least four people were killed and over a dozen were injured as a result.


Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said the attack was most likely an act of terrorism.


Last month, a man hit several people while driving on Westminster Bridge in the center of London before attempting to enter the Houses of Parliament, armed with a knife. After stabbing a police officer, who was later confirmed dead at the scene, the 52-year-old attacker was shot. IS claimed responsibility for the attack.


In December 2016, a Tunisian asylum seeker drove a truck into a crowd at a Berlin Christmas market, killing 12 people and injuring over 40 others. The 24-year-old was shot dead a few days later by police in Milan, Italy.




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