Representatives of Kiev’s territorial community have launched a sign-in campaign for an early termination of office by Mayor Vitaly Klichko, Kommentarii publication said on Thursday.



“A demand for an early termination of the mayor’s powers came from 428 members of the territorial community in Kiev,” the report said.


Leaders of large public associations including Andrei Karpenko of the Community Power association, Lalita Kartoziya of the Labor Union organization, Sergei Dorotich of the Union for Protection of Business, Mikhail Kruglyak of the Brotherhood association, and another 82 public activists expressed no-confidence in Klichko at a meeting of the steering committee of the campaign.


At the initial stage, the initiators of the move face the task of collecting 393,000 signatures. After that they will be able to send sign-in lists and an appropriate petition to the Kiev territorial election commission.


At present, an early termination of powers at the voters’ initiative offers the only legitimate opportunity for removing Klichko from the Mayor’s office.


“If the developments really take this course, election of a new mayor of Kiev may take place before the end of this year,” Kommentarii said.




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