SDF seize Al-Sufsafeh, encircle ISIS stronghold of Tabqa


This morning the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) entered the town of Al-Sufsafeh east of the ISIS-held city of Al-Tabqah and took control of a major part of it.



According to the ISIS-linked Amaq news agency, the terrorist organization carried out a counter attack using a SVBIED driven by a French suicide attacker “Abu Anas Al Farnce.” Over 16 SDF fighters were killed and injured, according to ISIS. A bulldozer used by the SDF was also destroyed.


From its side, SDF have claimed that it’s in control of a major part of Al-Sufsafeh. According to pro-SDF sources, over 4 ISIS VBIEDs were destroyed around Al-Sufsafeh before reaching their targets. Over 20 ISIS fighters were allegdly killed and 2 ISIS technicals were destroyed.


According to sources from Al-Tabqah city, clashes are still going on around the town of Al-Sufsafeh. The US-led collation’s airpower is targeting ISIS fortifications around Al-Tabqah city.


If the SDF gains control of Al-Sufsafeh town, the group will surround ISIS forces in the city of Al-Tabqah from all directions. It’s expected that the SDF will launch its attack on this strategic city after it finishes reinforcing its positions in the Al-Tabqah air base and the town of Al-Sufsafeh.





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