Nicola Sturgeon has said Scotland’s independence movementshould set “an example to the world,” as she defended her decision to come to the United Nations while leading a separatist campaign.



The first minister, speaking during the New York leg of her week-long US tour, said that Scotland’s independence movement had got this far “without a drop of blood being shed” – and should inspire other nations.


“I feel that Scotland is unusual,” she said, addressing a packed, windowless conference room in the basement of the UN. “And I actually think it sets a really positive example for the world.


“The campaign for independence – which has existed for much, much longer than my lifetime – has got to where it is – a referendum, a vigorously fought referendum campaign – without one drop of blood shed. 


“It is an entirely peaceful and progressive movement. 


“I think that is an example to the world, in terms of how constitutional differences can be debated and settled in a peaceful way.”




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