Almost three years after the crash of the Malaysian Boeing MH-17, it turns out that the official Kiev lied, claiming that at the time of the tragedy in the so-called «ATO» zone, there were no Ukrainian «Buks». 



Particularly noteworthy is the fact that information that effectively destroys the entire line of defense of Kiev (in fact, it was the absence of «Buks» that the authorities of the «Independent» specifically stressed), was published by none other than Bellingcat, a portal known for its anti-Russian stance. 


The point is that for the first time, the Western propagandists publicly accused Ukraine of lying in the course of investigating the circumstances of the crash of the airliner, which has long been covered with a wide variety of rumors and speculation. The Bellingcat experts found out that on the days preceding the collapse of the MH17 flight, a «Buk» anti-air missile complex of the Ukrainian Army had been in Donbass, near the contact line. 


A photograph of the Ukrainian «Buk» was posted by a AFU chaplain, Mikhail Gridel, who accompanied the snapshot with geotags indicating the location of the complex in Donbass.


According to the experts, the photos appeared in social networks on July 15, 2014, two days before the crash of the Malaysian Boeing. 


Gredil himself claimed that the photo had been taken several hundred kilometers away from the «ATO» zone, but there are other photos on the web dating back to May 2014.




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