The Russian Foreign ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, criticized the Western media’s “low-quality” coverage of Monday’s deadly blast in St. Petersburg.



“Our department had to call Western media outlets to demand that they withdraw some photographs that simply falsified the information, to clarify the true picture of events or to correct some of their news items because we could see the low quality of media coverage of yesterday’s attack,” she said late Tuesday during the launch of the Russian-Chinese media project headlined “This is China.”


Zakharova also thanked China for its support over St. Petersburg blast and noted the professionalism of Chinese reporters who covered the tragedy.


An explosive device of an unknown type went off at about 14:40 Moscow time Monday on a subway train in St. Petersburg. The Russian Investigative Committee described the blast as a terrorist attack. According to the Russian Health Ministry’s latest casualty figures, the explosion left 14 people dead and 49 injured.




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