Sofia, Bulgaria. EU Council President Tusk, who met Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev, welcomed Sofia’s efforts to stop illegal immigration on its southeastern border with Turkey to prevent migrants from crossing. He said Brussels would provide additional financing if the situation worsened.


The European Union is determined to keep a deal with Turkey to stem the flow of undocumented migrants into the bloc, European Council President Donald Tusk said,”We are determined to keep routes of illegal migration in this region closed,” Tusk continued, “The EU is honoring its commitments, just like we expect Turkey to continue keeping its part of the deal.”


The EU-Ankara agreement came into force in March 2016 after more than a million refugees and migrants from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond reached Europe in 2015, many crossing to Greek islands from Turkey.


Tusk further reassured a nervous Bulgarian President Radev, “Should further difficulties arise on Bulgaria’s borders, the EU has already planned emergency funding, and stands ready to react quickly in support of Bulgaria.”


Turkey, for it’s part has said it may cancel the migrant readmission agreement, under which it takes back people who enter Greece through irregular routes. It was angered after several EU nations prevented Turkish politicians from holding rallies to curry support for plans to give President Tayyip Erdogan new powers in a referendum.


Critics of Tusk’s policies point out all things migrant related can not be solved simply by writing a check in Brussels. Bulgaria sought to distance itself from the migrant mess by focusing mainly on the EU-Turkey conflict, “At the same time, rising tensions between the EU and Turkey create the greatest risk for Bulgaria,” the Bulgarian President added.




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