On Sunday, April 2, presidential elections in Serbia took place, a confident victory was won by the country’s Prime Minister Alexander Vucic. And the next day, on Monday evening, when the results of the vote became known, mass demonstrations against Vucic began in Belgrade. Activists, mostly young people and students, accused the newly elected president of unfair victory.




A significant for the residents of the capital incident during the rally happened when a large banner with photos of the Serbs who were killed in the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO and during the war in the province of Kosovo and Metohija was torn down in front of the parliament building and thrown to the ground.


About what happened last night in the center of the Serbian capital, News Front asked the leader of the Serbian People’s Movement “Nashi” Ivan Ivanovic. This is a patriotic organization, which has repeatedly organized street demonstrations, including against Vučić. Serbian nationalists are not satisfied with his plans to join the European Union and the policy on the Kosovo issue.



According to Ivanovic, the patriotic forces in Serbia do not really have warm feelings for Alexander Vucic, but today they do not support the current protests in Belgrade and other Serbian cities, because they are organized by opposing, pro-Western forces, and are dangerous for the country.


“Alexander Vucic is unpopular among Serbian patriots due to the signing of the Brussels Treaty (between Serbia and the unrecognized “Republic of Kosovo”- Ed.). “Nashi” participated in a large number of protests against him. We had many rallies against the current authorities, and this gives us the right to comment on these protests in Belgrade. We don’t support them, we think that people like Sasha Yankovic and Boska Obradovic who work for foreigners and want to bring chaos to Serbia should not come to power. We have already seen on October 5, 2000, what a revolution, organized from abroad, looks like. This was the beginning of the destruction of Serbia. We are for the third way, the most important for us are the interests of Serbia itself”, Ivanovic said.


“No one patriotic forces officially joined these protests in Belgrade and called its supporters there. The only ones who called for them from the “patriots” were Bosko Obradovic, the leader of the “Dveri” party. He stood shoulder to shoulder with liberals like Sasha Yankovic, who recently said that he would impose sanctions on the Russian Federation, agree with the independence of Kosovo and Metohija, and described the events in Srebrenica as genocide. The idea of protest is not the preservation of the Serbian state, but an attempt to organize a “color revolution”, as it happened in many countries, and how they are trying to do even now in Russia”, he said.


Answering a question about whether the actions were spontaneous, Ivan Ivanovic said that he personally knew about them in a few days – that is, even before the election. He also mentioned the torn banner with photos, noting that “the Serbian youth won’t do this, no matter what kind of protest they were talking about”.


“There were no serious violations, as can be seen from the fact that the results were immediately recognized by leading parties and international observers, including Russian ones”, Ivanovic said, responding to a question about the voting process, to which the demonstrators allegedly have claims. – Another issue is the closure of the media for some opposition candidates, like many television channels and daily newspapers. But by the way out to the elections the opposition adopted such rules of the game and brought it to such a situation. Protests are staged, and not for the sake of fighting against the regime, but for the sake of immersing Serbia into a state of chaos. And we knew very well that it would be that way”.




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