United Nations, New York. Today the Pakistani UN officials have called for more nuclear controls and an avoidance of a new arms race in South Asia.


Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi told the United Nations Disarmament Commission on Tuesday, “Our conduct continues to be defined by restraint and responsibility, and avoidance of an arms race in Asia.”


Representative Lodhi also said there was a lack of progress on the part of nuclear weapon states in fulfilling their legal nuclear disarmament obligations, which could be further impacted by countries “greatly strengthening and expanding nuclear capabilities”.


Dr Lodhi further indicated, granting discriminatory waivers to some, would constitute a nuclear double standard. A number of states, she said, particularly in South Asia, continued to pursue policies of proliferation with military expenditures rising and conventional weapons inventories expanding.


In explaining the current situatiion, Lodhi told the delegates that Pakistan posesses the requisite credentials and expertise to be part of international export control bodies and therefore, has a first step, sought membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group.


“Disruption of strategic stability in South Asia by induction of nuclear weapons in our neighborhood fundamentally challenged my country’s security,” she said, continuing,”We were left with no option but to follow suit in order to restore strategic stability in the region and deter all forms of aggression.”


Lodhi concluded her remarks recapping what Pakistan contributes to the issue of avoiding a new nuclear arms race in asia, “As the NSG deliberates on the legal, technical and political aspects of membership of non-NPT countries, it must establish and adhere to a transparent, objective and non-discriminatory criteria that ensures equal treatment of non-NPT applicants for the Group’s membership,” she said.




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