The action is dubbed “Protests against dictatorship” and comprises the Serbians, mostly young people, dissatisfied with presidential election outcome.



The election took place on Sunday, and Serbian incumbent Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic was elected country’s president with over one million votes or over 55 percent.


The demonstrators gathered near the buildings of country’s Parliament, the Republican Election Commission and the Radio Television of Serbia, chanting slogans against the authorities.


According to N1 TV channel, some of the protesters were throwing eggs at the parliament’s building, while a police officer said he was injured by a stone, thrown at him.


The organizer of a demonstration against Vucic is unknown, while the protesters have no attributes of any political party.


Vucic’s win was not surprising, as he was the favorite in the race, according to opinion polls in the country. However, the date of the second round of the election was scheduled for April 16, provided that none of the hopefuls receive 50 percent or higher of all votes.




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