French presidential hopeful, the leader of the National Front Party, Marin Le Pen promises that after winning the election she would agree with the European Union on “the return of France’s four sovereignties” in six months, writes RIA Novosti citing Public Senat TV channel.


Le Pen


“I make it clear that I give myself six months to come to an agreement with the European Union on the return of the four sovereignties without which we can not save our economy. And after the end of six months, the French will make decisions”, Le Pen said.


“The French should be able to choose whether they want to stay in the EU”, Le Pen added. According to her, if the negotiations with the EU would succeed, the leader of the National Front advise the French to remain “in this new European Union”, in case of the failure of the talks there would be no other choice but to withdraw from the EU.


Le Pen added that the French should not be afraid of the referendum, since they make the decision themselves. She once again stated that if she “loses this referendum” she will be ready to resign.




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