Hackers managed to gain an access the internal network of the South Korean Ministry of National Defense.



Hackers gained an access to the 5027 secret plan, which describes joint actions of the US and the Republic of Korea in the event of a full-scale war with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, KBS TV-channel reported, citing an informed source in the South Korean government.


“In September of the last year, the internal network of the Ministry of National Defense [MND] of the Republic of Korea was hacked allegedly by North Korean hackers. As a result of the recent investigation, it was found out that there was the 5027 operational plan among the materials that fell into the hands of intruders,” the TV-channel reported.


Immediately after the incident, the South Korean Defense Ministry admitted the fact of the hacking, but assured that a leakage of important information did not happen. “However, the thorough investigation revealed that the hackers gained an access to documents of the highest level of secrecy, including the plan of conducting of combat operations against North Korea,” KBS noted.


The TV-channel’s source said that the military prosecutor’s office had already reported to the country’s Defense Minister about results of the investigation. At the moment, a scope of persons, who will be responsible for the leakage of classified data, is being determined. In addition, the US and South Korea will now be forced to make serious adjustments to the 5027 operational plan.




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