Europe and Russia must co-operate in anti-terror efforts


The St. Petersburg attack demonstrates that terrorists can strike anywhere, making anti-terror co-operation between Russia and its European neighbors all the more important, Czech military analyst Martin Koller told Sputnik Česká republika.



The terrorist attack in St. Petersburg affects Europe too, where politicians need to join forces with Russia to defeat the threat of terrorism, Czech military analyst Martin Koller told Sputnik Česká republika.


“Whether you like it or not, a country like Russia can’t be excluded from the system of European defense. Attempts to isolate Russia don’t lead to anything good: they haven’t led to peace in Ukraine nor have they reduced the number of terror attacks.”


“We have to forget things which aren’t important and start working together. Only through joining forces can we maintain peace on the continent and bring Islamic terrorism to a minimum. Europe needs to realize that it doesn’t end somewhere on the territory of Ukraine, but it extends to the Urals and that’s why the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg is a European problem,” Koller said.


On Monday, a bomb blast in a train of the St. Petersburg subway killed 14 people and injured 49 others. On Tuesday, Russia’s Investigative Committee revealed the identity of the suicide bomber who carried out the attack as Akbarzhon Dzhalilov, a 22-year-old native of Kyrgyzstan.