London. UK leaders now say Britain will get money back from the European Union instead of paying to leave under plans being considered by Cabinet ministers. European Union leaders have warned the UK that it will face a divorce bill of up to £50million for outstanding commitments and pension liabilities.


The new plan comes after an influential Lords’ committee concluded that the Government is not legally obliged to pay Brussels anything. A UK Government source said: “This is being presented in a binary way as a divorce bill, in which we owe them. He then added, It’s more like leaving a gym or a club. You don’t continue to pay for other people to use the facilities after you leave”.


Boris Johnson, the UK Foreign Secretary, last month recalled Margaret Thatcher’s success in securing a rebate when she was Prime Minister, “I think you can recall the 1984 Fontainebleau summit in which Mrs Thatcher said she wanted her money back and I think that is exactly what we will get.” when asked about the prospects of a divorce bill. Officials believe that the UK is entitled of £9billion worth of funds currently held by the European Investment Bank.


A Separate analysis has concluded that the UK is entitled to a further £14 billion worth of EU assets including property, cash and other investments.


The flury of financial discussions came after the European Union responded in the wake of Theresa May’s triggering Article 50 and formally starting Brexit negotiations.


European Union officials have decided that the EU and UK do not need an actual agreement to move forward on Brexit talks about financial issues at this time.




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