Washington. US President Trump’s unorthodox governing style along with his unfamiliarity about how bills get passed, has officials from his own party moving away from him, with a former White House official stating, “That’s what happens when you have an unpopular president.”


Now faced with historic low poll numbers after only slightly more than 70 days in office, President Donald Trump is becoming more isolated as fellow Republicans distance themselves from the chief executive after a string of policy failures.


Trump is clearly making no effort to reach out to Democrats, and the president is surrounding himself with family members including his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, Trump certainly seems to be making more enemies than friends.


“Part of it is self-imposed,” states former RNC Chairman Michael. “People know him, they see him at meetings, but it’s been hard for people in Congress and around it to get to know him in a way that’s helpful for Trump.”


“He seems both politically and personally isolated these days,” explains former White House adviser David Gergen. “He’s flailing because he doesn’t know where to find his natural allies.”


Despite that, Trump’s unpredictability makes it hard for Republicans to fully support the president whose poll numbers are collapsing as his administration is dogged by investigations over Russian involvement in his affairs and associates.


According to former White House press observers, Trump’s popularity collapse makes it easy for Republicans to tend to their own business and challenge the president without worry that he can hurt their reelection prospects.




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