Oslo, Norway. The government of the Phillipines has restarted peace talks with communist rebels while a war between the two sides continues with active fighting taking place across the south Pacific island nation.



An active state of war has been in place between the government forces and the New People’s Army (NPA) since 1968, with more than 40,000 people killed in the coflict.


General Eduardo Ano stated the reason a unilateral ceasefire could not be established was because the NPA had taken advantage of a previous truce to extrort businesses and Phillipine citizens.


In the communist rebel NPA statement, the rebels stressed they expected intensified military operations by government forces. The Phillipine President Duterte is reportedly upset with the NPA over a failed truce back in February.


Duerte has alleged that the NPA has continued kidnapping soldiers and killing citizens after halting a previously negotiated ceasefire.He has since ordered the Phillipine Army to return to combat with the communist rebel forces nationwide.


Phillipine commander General Ano requested that citizens report attempts by the NPA to extort it’s citizens. The General indicated there have been 60 plus incidents of arson related extortion following the collapse of the truce in February.




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