According to the Polish radio reports, the citizens of Hungary will receive the questionnaire “Let’s Stop Brussels”. They are invited to give answers to questions about the EU policy, which, in the opinion of the Hungarian government, threatens the independence of the country.




During the announcement of the start of the campaign, the representative of the authorities stressed that in the near future important tasks related to the struggle for the future of the country will appear before Hungary, and they can be solved only with the support of the society.


The questionnaire contains six questions concerning the position of the Hungarians on the migration and economic policies of the European Union. Also, the Hungarian authorities are interested in the opinion of citizens about international non-governmental organizations that support illegal migration and interfere in the internal affairs of Hungary.


The survey of the government of Victor Orban was named “National Consultations 2017”. This is the answer to the new principles introduced by Orban last week, which allow keeping migrants in frontier camps for an unlimited time.


Polish radio notes that in 2015, Hungary conducted a survey on the attitude of citizens to migration and terrorism. Then the UN High Commissioner for Refugees sharply criticized the poll, warning that it could lead to increased xenophobia in the country.




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