Brussels,EU. The board considering the Brexit and seperation of the UK from the EU has gone literally all over the map, attempting to bill the UK for projects as diverse as German unemployment,Spanish PhD students, Fishermen in Italy and even French internet broadband service.



The charges sought in the messy divorce also include micro loans in the Czech Republic, dental health in Bulgaria and upgrades to roads in Poland are all included in the 50 Billion pound exit from Brexit bill the EU is demanding from the UK.


The proposed payment scheme runs until 2020 with the UK being required to pay for projects benefiting some of the wealthiest countries in the European Union. If the agreement stands, Germany would recieve 405 million pounds, Spain 545 million and France a tidy 389 million in payments.


A number of international legal experts have given the opinion that the UK will eventually not have to pay anything to leave the European Union. With opinions centering that negotiations by The Department for Exiting the European Union are a scare tactic being used to prevent other member nations from leaving also.




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