As it’s been recently noted, the latest mass-casualties inflicted by US and NATO air strikes in Raqqa and Mosul are showing that Washington has decided to turn its back on the rules designed to protect the innocents. In turn, the Times reports that field commanders appear to be exercising more latitude tolaunch strikes in civilianheavy areas than ever before.



It won’t be an exaggeration to state that we’re witnessing by far the deadliest attack oncivilians in decades. Just one US air strike on the densely populated neighborhood of Mosul resulted in more than 200 civilian casualties, according to the official numbers released.


It’s been announced that during the same last month, at least 30 civilians were reportedkilled by a US airs trike outside Raqqa, Syriawhere the real battle with ISIS hasnt evenbegun yetand up to 50 more may have died when the US bombed a mosque in Aleppo.


Yet another air strike that was launched on March 20 in the Al-Mansour area resulted in at least 33 civilians deaths, as human rights activist report. The Focus has already announced that the German Bundeswehr was taking part in the attack.


The Foreign Policy In Focus would note that:


The carnage comes amid a push by the US and its Iraqi allies to reclaim Mosul, Iraqs second most populous city, from ISIS. That’s making life terrifying for the city’s residents, who’ve endured years of depredations from ISIS only to fall under US bombs.


The only logical question one is temped to ask under these circumstances is why the notorious white helmets are nowhere to be found? Did those so-called “defenders of the weak” disappeared into the thin air once the funding provided by the United States and Britain has run dry? So then, who is going to expose the ongoing genocide the civilian population of Syria and Iraq, which the US and its NATO allies are committing in the broad daylight out today? Weren’t those comic-book-style heroes created just to falsely accuse Russia of the crimes that Washington is now eagerly committing in the Middle East?


The AirWars, which has been keeping track of civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria, there’s been over 1,300 reports of civilian deaths from coalition air strikes in March alone. That’s about triple the count from February.


It’s now clear that Donald Trump is not the peace loving happy go lucky president that everybody has been waiting for. The Week would point out that instead of cutting American losses in unwinnable situations, moving toward retrenchment, and re-assessing America’s long war in the Middle East, the Trump administration seems to be taking bigger gambles in operations, loosening the rules of engagement for the military, and doubling down on conflicts that only have the most marginal relation to core US interests.There’s no doubt that it’s a bitter truth for those who hoped for a candidate that would drain the swamp instead of making it much deeper.


So who’s going to put an end to the genocide of the civilian populations of Syria and Iraq?


Martin Berger




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