The Georgian Defense Minister, Levan Isoria, and his Ukrainian counterpart, Stepan Poltorak, signed in Kiev a document on cooperation and deepening relations, the press service of the Georgian Defense Ministry said on Friday. 




‘Prior to the briefing for the local media, Levan Isoria and the Army General Stepan Poltorak signed a document on the bilateral cooperation and deepening relations,’ the statement said. 


According to the ministry, during the ministerial meeting, a one-on-one conversation touched upon the issue of participation of Georgia and Ukraine in the joint exercises planned for 2017. The Ministers noted the importance of strengthening the military-political cooperation. 


In February, the Government of Ukraine approved the draft decree on the approval of the national program under the auspices of the Ukraine-NATO Commission, for 2017. In March, Kiev asked for a permission to join NATO’s key allies. In the alliance, Ukraine’s intentions are not rejected, but no concrete and profitable for Ukraine steps have yet been taken.




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