Rade Stancic, a citizen of Serbia, who was in Switzerland on business, was sitting quietly with a friend in a cafe in Zurich and minded own business. Not far from them were two men, one of whom was quite emotionaly telling how during the war in the Balkans in 1999 he personally obliterated Serbian cities.




Stancic could not stand it, which was quite understandable… He came closer to the boaster, who turned out to be an Englishman, and asked what kind of war it was.


“Yes. I’m talking about these Balkan wars, “the pilot smirked and added: “I remember these Serbs very well”.


According to the eyewitnesses, Stancic kicked Englishman as a pear, and then hit his face with an ashtray. Apparently, it’s much easier to shoot women and children dead from an airplane than to communicate on an equal footing. When the NATO soldier groaned like a kitten, he was left alone.


“Every time, looking at the mirror,” said Stancic after the lesson, “you will remember even more clearly all the Serbs and innocent children that you killed.”


Both the public and the police were not very interested in this case. The NATO pilot, who was lying on the hospital bed, caused much less sympathy for everyone than the fair Serb, who after a little kurtosis walked over own business.




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