Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukraine risks losing the support of Poland, which is often called “the advocate of Ukraine” in the European Union.




This was said at a press conference in Kiev to the correspondent of Politnavigator by the head of the “Third Sector” information and analysis center Andrey Zolotarev, commenting on the grenade launcher attack   on the building of the Polish consulate in Lutsk.


“It is an extremely unpleasant situation for Ukraine. In Ukraine not many people read the Polish press, but it’s worth doing. There is a rather major newspaper ‘Polish Opinion ‘, the frankly pro-Russian position of which hasn’t been noticed: the headline ‘Neo-Nazi Ukraine’, in my opinion, says everything. The Polish press more and more often writes about Banderist and neo-Nazi Ukraine,” emphasised the expert.


According to him, the attack on the consulate “gives Ukraine a bad hand”.


“Step by step we risk losing our last advocate in Europe,” warns Zolotarev.


At the same time he says that Poland won’t completely curtail cooperation with Ukraine, at the expense of which today the former successfully solves its demographic problems and provides an inflow of working hands at the expense of Ukrainian gastarbeiters, but there “won’t be warm relations”.




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