Gibraltar,EU. The leader of Gibraltar Fabian Picardo raised concerns Friday that the EU proposal giving Spain input on the future of Gibraltar in the post Brexit world is “discriminatory” and at a minimum, “unnecessary.”


Aerial view of Gibraltar as seen from the top of the Rock of Gibraltar.


Picardo’s remarks followed announcement by the EU of a clause which gives Spain a say over the fate of it’s territory that Madrid has long sought return of. Picardo termed it “a disgraceful attempt by Spain to manipulate the European Council for its own narrow political interests.”


The unsolicited say in Gibraltar’s fate will likely face strong opposition from London, which has a long standing policy of supporting Gibraltar’s independence from Spain. A senior EU official said the issue of Gibraltar was included in the negotiating proposals as it is one of a number that involve joint or contested jurisdiction, and that “the EU is naturally pursuing the interests of the remaining 27 member states.”


Citizens of Gibraltar have previously voted in 2002 to remain united with the UK, when they rejected a proposition that included shared control with Spain. The recent attempt was again rejected by Picardo on Friday stating,”The whole world and the whole EU should know: this changes nothing in respect of our continued, exclusive British sovereignty.”




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