Kiev, Ukraine. Valentine Nalyvaichenko stated during a television appearance that the International Monetary Fund is sending a special team of auditors to “make sure how previous loans were used, in addition to making certain no corruption was involved.”



The leader of the Justice movement party stressed Ukraine’s international “partners” regard the war on corruption as a key part of further investment and aid to Ukraine. Nalyvaichenko went on to indicate the anti-corruption police should complete investigations before the IMF team arrives, to demonstrate Kiev’s committment to cleaning up it’s well known corruption issues in government.


When asked about reports the US FBI was involved in investigation of corruption in the Ukrainian government, Nalyvaichenko confirmed their involvement, ” I can say the FBI is working with the National Anti Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, especially in areas involving offshore companies in the Virgin Islands involving the head of the Anti Corruption Bureau Valeria Gontaryeva and her associates. He intimated further comment was not possible due to state secrecy concerns.


The leader of the Justice movement did confirm that the National Bank in particular was under scrutiny with evidence being seized in recent large scale raids. Concerns continue to linger that the bank is heavily involved in corrupt business practices.





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