Several people were injured in a fight that broke out in front of the Turkish consulate in the Belgian capital, where expats can vote early on changes to Turkish constitution, Turkish and Belgian media reported on Thursday.




According to Daily Sabah newspaper, three Turkish citizens were injured, while Kurdish Firat News agency claimed that the three victims of the altercation were Kurds.


​According to Belgian La Libre outlet, the fight was between the supporters of opposite points of view on the referendum.


Ilse Van de Keere, a spokeswoman for the Ixelles district police reportedly said that the investigation of the incident was underway.


Turkey will go to polls on April 16, but Turkish expats may vote early. The pre-referendum campaign in Europe has faced multiple difficulties, with several events canceled by local authorities in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.


In January, the Turkish parliament approved a number of constitutional amendments that would boost presidential powers, including granting the president the ability to appoint some top judges and declare a state of emergency. Last month, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan approved those amendments, however, the move was criticized by opposition parties as an attempt by the president to grab power.




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