NATO has rescheduled in Brussels a meeting so US Secretary of State Tillerson could be present to reassure NATO members of America’s committment to the alliance.


NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced Thursday, the visit of the US representative underlines the “strong” ties between the 28 allies and how important the organization is to the American administration.


Tillerson’s presence in Brussels also sends, ” a clear signal about the importance that the United States attaches to security guarantees for Europe and to NATO,” Stoltenberg added.


The meeting will now take place on Friday, March 31st. It was originally scheduled for April 5th, but this date clashed with Tillerson’s meeting with Chinese officials.


The US-NATO relationship has been somewhat tense here lately, after President Donald Trump said the alliance was obsolete and had promised to withdraw the US from NATO in campaign promises just last year.




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