Investigators believe that the murder of former State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov was ordered by the head of the “international grouping of nuggets”, the Ukrainian Viktor Kurilo. Life reports this with reference to unnamed sources.



According to the publication, shortly before his death, Voronenkov “got involved in the redistribution of spheres of influence with the international group of shadow financiers”, which worked in Russia and Ukraine.


According to Life, the murderer – Pavel Parshov – was responsible in this group for security and protection. According to the source, the main characters of the group moved to Moscow in 2012, when the special services of Ukraine brought criminal cases against them.


According to sources, Parshov was in charge of the power unit of the group: he guarded the carriers of money and provided general security. The driver and collector of the group was Yaroslav Levenets. It was he, in the opinion of the law enforcers, who brought Parshov to the place of the massacre of Voronenkov.


Sources of Life argue that Voronenkov also engaged in shadow financial operations in Moscow, so his interests intersected with the interests of the international grouping.




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