The head of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Ingrid Deltene, said that sanctions might be introduced against Ukraine in the form of a temporary suspension from Eurovision due to the situation with the participant from Russia, Yulia Samoilova. 



She said this in an interview with the Swiss edition of Blick. 


‘I deeply regret that Eurovision is used for political games. The contest should please millions of people and unite them, it is not to tune them up against each other,’ Deltenre said. 


According to her, for the entire 60-year history of the music contest, there has been no case that some country was not allowed to compete. 


She also noted that such behavior of Ukraine is ‘absolutely unacceptable’. 


Earlier it became known that the SBU had banned the entry to a Eurovision participant from Russia, Julia Samoilova, for three years.




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