Work on the list of specific sites is carried out under the heading “For official use” “in order to prevent speculation on the part of Russian and pro-Russian media and special services.”




Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Yuri Stets said that within the framework of the duties assigned by the Doctrine of Information Security of Ukraine, a working group was created to analyze the legal norms of legislation that prohibit the dissemination of information that poses a threat to the national interests of Ukraine.


“We have created a list of legal norms contained in various legislative acts and the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which regulate and clearly define information that is prohibited for distribution. Based on these norms, we evaluate the materials that are distributed by individual sites and thereby pose a threat to the national interests of Ukraine, incite interethnic hostility or call for a breach of the constitutional order, “said Deputy Minister Dmitry Zolotukhin.


The department was told that after reviewing and analyzing the materials, the members of the expert council will express their suggestions on approaches and criteria for assessing information based on these legal norms.




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