Unknown men attacked the building of the Consulate-General of Poland by fire in Lutsk in the early hours of March 29. Volyn 24 reported that.




The Consulate-General of Poland is located on the 22b Dubnivska Street. In the result of the shooting the roof of the building was damaged and a window broken. No casualties reported.


“The intruders shot unaimed fire, or the shooting was unskilled. It may have been done with the aim of preventing a provocation,” the law enforcer commented.


Law enforcement officers are working on the scene.


“I heard an intense explosion at 00:12. The blast was like a truck wheel blew out. But heavier. I saw the white light flare in the window of the Consulate. Like a lightening, but longer,” the witness said.


Judging by the size of the holes in the roof – the shooting may have been performed from the grenade launcher or any other heavy weapon. The explosion was quite strong: the signalization in the nearest Kredobank turned on.




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