In the province of Kosovo and Metohija, to the south of the Ibr River, about 60 buses with the Serbs, moving to the north of the region for a rally of the ruling Serbian party (the Serbian Progressive Party) dedicated to the upcoming presidential elections, were blocked. Albanians, supporters of the nationalist movement “Self-determination” do not let the delegates go further, and near the village of Labljana, the bus was attacked with stones.




Thus, the Albanians are protesting against the political presence of Serbia in the province.


Under the Constitution of Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija is an autonomous region, unilaterally proclaimed by Albanians “the Republic of Kosovo” in 2008, which at present is a partially recognized state. The independence of Kosovo is opposed by Serbs who live mainly in the north, as well as in small enclaves in other parts of the province.




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