Russia is open for cooperation with US President Donald Trump’s administration on recovering the situation in bilateral relations, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday answering the questions from Argumenty i fakty newspaper readers.



Unfortunately, over the past years Russian-US relations have seriously deteriorated, Lavrov said. The Obama administration purposefully destroyed the basis of cooperation, introducing “different unfriendly steps” against Russia and new sanctions, he said.


“As Russian President Vladimir Putin has said on many occasions, this was not our choice,” the foreign minister noted. “We were always interested in normal cooperation with the US and suggested looking jointly for ways to solve problems of the modern world, counter dangerous challenges and threats such as international terrorism.”


“Today we are open for work with the administration of President Donald Trump on recovering the situation in relations,” Russia’s top diplomat said. “However, this will be achieved only if Washington really takes into consideration our national interests and perceives Russia as an equal partner,” he said.




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