The ISIS-linked media outlet “Amaq” reported that the Tabqa dam north of Raqqa is on the verge collapse after US airstrikes that took place last evening and this morning.




The organization claimed that a US airstrike targeted the electricity station that is part of the dam. As a result the dam went out of service and all of the dam’s gates shut automatically. The water level is increasing.


According to ISIS, maintenance crews are unable to reach the electric station because of intense artillery strikes.


A source among the dam workers informed Al-Mayadeen Channel that the dam was indeed closed because of damage suffered from airstrikes.


Spokesman for the SDF denied reports about airstrikes in the area.


Several sources suggest that ISIS may use the dam as a media weapon to stop the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) advance in the Tabqa area. The SDF released a statement yesterday declaring the end of the second phase of its operations in the vicinity of Tabqa and the beginning of the attack on the ISIS stronghold of Raqqah. The US-backed SDF also confirmed the assault on the Tabqa Airbase without revealing more details. SDF reinforcements have been pouring into western Tabqa in preparation for the final assault on the city as US warplanes target ISIS all across Raqqa province.




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