With three weeks to go until a controversial referendum on expanding presidential powers, tempers are running high in Turkey. Police intervened after a group of protesters attempted to disrupt a rally of a ‘No’ vote campaigner and a violent fight ensued.


Footage on YouTube showed violent scenes that took place before a meeting between a member of the Turkish parliament, Sinan Ogan and protesters. Earlier this month, Ogan was expelled from his nationalist MHP party, which endorses the changes proposed by the referendum, for failing to follow the official line, and has embarked on a nationwide tour to canvass for a “No” vote.


As the politician arrived in a minibus, several bangers were set off, and in the chaos the two groups began to swing punches at each other, with an overmatched police squadron trying to maintain the peace. News media reported that two officers were taken to hospital with minor injuries, and amateur footage taken at the scene shows several people emerging with blood streaming down their faces and on their clothes.




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