Based on 100 per cent of the tally sheets processed by the constituency election commissions by 4:45 p.m. Monday, GERB won 32.65 per cent of the votes in Sunday’s parliamentary elections, and the BSP for Bulgaria coalition took 27.20 per cent, the Central Election Commission said.




The United Patriots won 9.07 per cent, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms 8.99 per cent, and the Volya party 4.15 per cent.


The following parties and coalitions are below the 4 per cent barrier to Parliament:


– Reformist Bloc – People’s Voice: 3.06 per cent;
– Yes, Bulgaria Movement Coalition: 2.88 per cent;
– DOST Alliance: 2.86 per cent;
– New Republic: 2.48 per cent;
– A total of 2.50 per cent of the voters chose the “None Of The Above” option.




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