Ukrainian nationalists sent a “black mark” to the head of News Front agency Konstantin Knyrik, throwing in a pack of “hitting” cards and a grenade’s joint pin to his home in Bakhchisaray.




Knyrik himself reported on the incident in his blog, specifying that it happened yesterday.


“Ukrainian Nazis – terrorists decided to  feat” and brought a pack of cards, which they call “hitting” to my apartment, but most importantly, they decided to put it in the mailbox a grenade’s joint pin)!


A very brave patriot called the intercom and fled.


My friends now live in this apartment. Yes, 10 years ago, I was registered at this address, it was the first residence permit when I received a passport”, said Knyrik.


According to him, at the same time in the Ukrainian media there began publications about the “warning”, which were sent to Knyrik by unnamed “patriots”.





“I do not really want to respond to this message, I regularly receive threats, but I want to draw the attention of the Crimean special services that the Ukrainian terrorists continue to penetrate into the territory of the Crimea, who are public and do not hide their intentions; moreover, they may walk every day among normal people, because someone physically put this it in the mailbox and rang the intercom, after which he heroically escaped”, continued Knyrik.


According to him, the organization “People’s Rear”, which is headed by “the whole former head of the “Lugansk military administration” Tuka, may be involved in the transfer of the” black mark “.


“Officially engaged in the organization of terrorist attacks, officially and publicly talks about it and writes. Someone else doubts that Ukraine is a terrorist country, where terrorism is legalized at the state level?” says Knyrik.




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