The situation that has developed in Ukraine, forces “outside” and very powerful forces go to the extremities.



At the beginning of the year people’s deputies, having spat on the law, staged a blockade of Donbass, after which the same was done by the “guarantor of the Constitution”, grossly violating the Minsk agreements; then the military arsenal in the Kharkov region exploded in the hackneyedness of the servicemen of the Armed Forces. This caused the West to begin preparations for the implementation of a set of measures to ensure environmental safety.


According to the anonymous source, who is on the post in one of the power structures of the Ukrainian state, fearing possible provocations at Ukraine’s nuclear facilities, NATO’s military-political bloc is preparing for a forceful seizure and subsequent defense of all nuclear power plants in the country from “people’s activists” with their inadequate militarized escort.


Similar operations have never been held before. However, this scenario was calculated long before the latest events. In April 2014, representatives of the North Atlantic alliance came to Ukraine to help local military with preparations to defend the nuclear power plant – allegedly in the event of a threat to territorial integrity.


In turn, the source claims that under the guise of advisory support, Western experts collected data so that, in the event of the slightest threat of attack on nuclear facilities, take them under control as quickly as possible, as any malfunctions in this area could lead to very sad consequences not only to Ukraine, but to the world as a whole.


According to available data, exercises are already taking place at the Ingalin NPP in Lithuania, which was closed in 2009, in accordance with the terms of the country’s accession to the European Union. It is known that fighters of the Land Forces of Latvia, the Special Operations Forces of Lithuania and in particular the Aitvaras special forces squadron are participating in the training. It is noteworthy that all the units involved in the training earlier participated in military operations and peacekeeping missions outside their countries.


In addition to taking control and security, it is planned to send a commission to Ukraine to monitor the current personnel, whose members will be selected and provided by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Ukrainian experts would be tasked not only to maintain a stable operation at strategic facilities, but emergency shutdowns in the shortest possible time (if possible), if external circumstances won’t allow to maintain the work in a stable state.


It remains to be hoped that if this scenario is implemented, this will not be another stumbling block in the already not simple relations between Russia and the West. Judging by the available information, the opinion of the Ukrainian “establishment” is not taken into account at all, which is very revealing.




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