The KGB instituted criminal proceedings on the fact of training and preparation for participation in mass riots (part 3 of article 293 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus). Activists of the “White Legion”, led by Miroslav Lozovsky, as well as the “Young Front” led by Dmitry Dashkevich had been detained – 26 people in general.



29 searches were carried out on the places of their residence, staying and storage of items and documents. The Kalashnikov assault rifle, 3 short rifles, 2 pistols, cartridges, grenades, batons, throwing knives and axes, objects and substances for manufacturing improvised explosive devices, military uniforms, body armor, helmets, medical kits of the NATO model, various attributes of the battalion “Azov”, “Tactical Group Belarus”, UNA-UNSO, as well as manuals on fighting in the city were seized.


The operative-investigative actions in the criminal case are continuing, including with the purpose of establishing and detaining all those involved in illegal activities.


“In the case of the White Legion, we deal with professionally trained militants between the ages of 25 and 43,” the KGB noted.


Special services do not rule out that the weapons seized from the White Legion activists were planned to be used during street actions on March 25. Leaders of the “White Legion” for the same purpose were going to attract activists of the “Young Front” headed by Dmitry Dashkevich. Arrival of militants from Ukraine was also planned. We are talking about the followers of UNA-UNSO, with whom the White Legion has been closely cooperating since the 90s, as well as other individuals who participated in the fighting in the east of Ukraine as part of nationalist formations. The maintenance of the contacts by members the White Legion with this category and the adherence to similar views is evidenced by the relevant attributes seized during the searches.


In addition, data on the possible participation in the actions of extremist youth groups from among foreign citizens in order to support the organizers of the protest action in Belarus had been received.




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