Iraqi Special Forces seized ISIS’s main command center located in the Nouri Mosque in Old Mosul. The operation lasted for two days and resulted in the neutralization of dozens of terrorists.


Meanwhile, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) destroyed a tunnel used by ISIS militants to smuggle weapons and supplies to eastern Mosul.


The PMU’s media wing published a video depicting the destruction of an ISIS armored VBIED in the vicinity of Mosul with a short-range RPG projectile.


ISIS claimed killing of six elite SWAT fighters during clashes in Rajm Hadid and Yarmouk Housing in the eastern bank of the embattled city of Mosul and sniping five federal policemen in the outskirts of Bab Al-Tob district. The ISIS-linked news agency “Amaq” also claimed that an Iraqi drone was downed when it was over al-Tank neighborhood.


Clashes are expected to continue with the same intensity until the Iraqi Armed Forces launch the second phase of their Mosul offensive that is aimed at surrounding and isolating Old Mosul.


Meanwhile, PMU units continue their humanitarian efforts to aid the civilians of Mosul. Over 1,000 trucks brimmed with humanitarian supplies have arrived to the IDP camps that surround Mosul in the past few days. Injured civilians are transported aerially to Baghdad’s hospitals.




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