Francois Fillon returned the suits that were presented to him by his friend Robert Bourgi, after the suits became part of the investigation against the candidate.




French presidential candidate and former Prime Minister of the country Francois Fillon returned the suits that were presented to him by his friend Robert Bourgi, after the suits became part of the investigation against the candidate, Bourgi confirmed Friday.


Earlier in the month, The Republican candidate was forced to explain the expensive gift he received from his friend, lawyer Bourgi, in particular two suits worth at least 13,000 euros (some $13,800).


“My answer is affirmative,” Bourgi told the RTL radio station, answering the question on whether or not Fillon returned the suits.


The scandal surrounding Fillon broke out January when allegations of his wife being fraudulently employed as his parliamentary assistant came to light. Earlier in March, Fillon was summoned before the investigating magistrate, where he reiterated via a written statement that his wife’s job was in fact real.


French presidential election will take place on April 23, with the run-off scheduled for May 7.




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