Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that US and German funds, mainly through Lithuania and Poland, financed people preparing provocation in Belarus, his press service said Friday.




Earlier this week, Lukashenko said Belarus security forces detained several dozens of militants, allegedly preparing an armed provocation. He added that they were trained in the camps near Bobruisk and Asipovichy in Belarus, while other camps were in Ukraine.


“The president noted that the financing of respective illegal activity was carried out mainly through Lithuania and Poland,” his press service said in a statement.


“And they are offended — they heard my statement in Mogilev, Lukashenko [was talking] about Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland. But if it’s true?! US, German funds were giving money [to the militants] with the help of the Poles and Lithuanians,” Lukashenko said as quoted in the statement.




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