Representatives of the European countries parliaments, the CIS and Latin America, who were in the Crimea with a three-day visit, received comprehensive information about the past here in March 2014 referendum, and the changes that have occurred on the Russian peninsula over the past three years, said deputy chairman of the Republic’s Council of Ministers – permanent representative of the Crimea under the President of Russia Georgy Muradov. 




According to Muradov on Radio “Sputnik in the Crimea”, the guests made their impression, talking to residents of the peninsula, and social activists.


“They carried a consolidated impression that our referendum was completely legitimate, and that today it’s still supported by the people of Crimea. It was a deliberate and thorough decision of our Crimean people who understand that they have saved the Crimea from major complications, including military clashes … and expressed their will and desire to be with Russia … And realize, of course, why Russia decided to reunite with the Crimea, which in the spirit, and the mood has always been and remained Russian for years. The deputies saw this with own eyes, heard a lot of opinions. They have received comprehensive information on the legal basis on which the referendum was held, that they were fully persuaded to its correctness, awareness and legitimacy”, Muradov stressed.


According to him, a blockade made a strong impression on the guests, which was organized in relation to the Crimea by the representatives of the Crimean Mejlis, banned in Russia. Foreign guests did not know anything about that. President’s spokesman also noted that the delegation members unanimously condemned the sanctions policy in relation to Russia, and in particular, to the Crimea.




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