Crimea will continue to show the real situation on the Black Sea peninsula to politicians from Europe despite a ban on such visit imposed by Ukraine, Crimea’s Vice Premier and Permanent Representative to the Russian President, Georgy Muradov, told reporters on Monday.



“More and more people come to us. They believe it is necessary for them to see how the situation in Crimea evolves. We will continue this practice. We will push ahead with efforts aimed at making sure that people in the world have a better understanding of what is really going on in Crimea, that human rights are respected here,” Muradov said commenting on the visit by European parliamentarians who are to be sanctioned by Kiev in the wake of their visit.


“During all international forums <…>, Ukraine raises the issue saying that no one is allowed to visit Crimea, and independent observers cannot see anything here. However, as soon as these independent observers say that they will come, tremendous pressure is exerted on them through diplomatic and political channels to prevent them from visiting the region <…> “Ukraine demands that the entire world should be aware of what is happening in Crimea. Let everyone come and see with their own eyes. We invite everyone and do not hinder anyone’s visits,” Muradov noted.


He noted that the absence of logic in Kiev’s actions may lead to the fact that eventually “it will prohibit all politicians and lawmakers across the world to come to Ukraine.”


MPs from some European countries (the UK, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Montenegro), as well as Kyrgyzstan and Brazil, arrived in Crimea on Sunday. On Monday, they are holding meetings with local government official and members of the general public. The politicians’ visit was organized by the Just Russia political party.




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